About Us

A Story of Determination & Excellence

In 1985, Ibex Town Car Service began not just as a business, but as a dream of freedom and opportunity. Our founder, Jamal Omar, embarked on a life-changing journey, leaving Ethiopia amidst a tumultuous regime in search of a better life in America. With hope in his heart and determination in his spirit, Jamal arrived in Orlando, a city vibrant with possibilities.

Jamal's dedication to his customers turned Ibex into a local word-of-mouth legend. He expanded the fleet, choosing each vehicle with care and ensuring that every driver shared his vision of impeccable service and integrity.

Today, Ibex is more than just a town car service. It's a beacon of what dedication and integrity can achieve. As we continue to serve the Orlando community and its visitors, we carry Jamal's legacy forward – a legacy of striving for the best, not just for ourselves, but for every customer who chooses Ibex.

Ibex Town Car is your go-to solution for luxury transportation and premier service that makes traveling easier than ever before.

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